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Chapter 5 : Employment

As Malcolm's time at school came towards it's end, he had to consider what to do when he left. As he wished to go straight to work and thus having decided against university, he thought about becoming a pilot in the Fleet Air Arm. However, his qualifications were not suffucient so he then opted to become an Architect. To this end, his father approached his brother-in-law, Arthur Greatorex, who was the Personnel Officer for the construction firm of Fairweather Brothers, he being related to the founders family. From his interview it transpired that Malcolm's qualifications were not sufficient for this profession either.

George Wimpey & Co Ltd

An interview was arranged with Wimpeys at which he was accepted onto their training scheme to become a Quantity Surveyor. He started at their head office in Hammersmith on 5 January 1959 then moved to an operating department from where he was allocated to various building sites. He moved to the Southampton office in 1965 then worked on local sites until he left on 26 April 1970.

City of New Sarum Council

Malcolm took up the post of Measuring Surveyor with the City of New Sarum Council on 27 April 1970. His work entailed measuring and valuing work undertaken by building contractors working for the city. He found himself under-employed and consequently left in just under one year, leaving on 26 February 1971.

Lesser Building Systems

Malcolm successfully found himself a job with Lesser Building Systems who were located in Verwood close to where he lived, and he started there on 1 March 1971. He worked as a Contracts Manager which required him to travel all over the country and also for a few spells abroad. He became frustrated at the many repetative problems that he encountered and finally resigned and finished on 14 October 1983.

International Computers Ltd. training course

Wishing to avoid the stress of his former work, Malcolm gained a place on a Government Training Opportunity Scheme to become a Systems Analyst, starting on 17 October 1983. He successfully completed the eight week course which was followed by placement with a company to gain experience. The company were satisfied with his achievement and took him on as a permanent employee on 1 February 1984.

McCarthy & Stone

Malcolm started here as a permanent employee on 1 February 1984 as a Systems Analyst, having already been on free placement with the company since 12 December 1983. Although Malcolm fared well here, the remuneration was not good which led him to find another job. He left on 9 May 1986.

Midland Bank

Following his response to an advertisement, Malcolm was accepted as a Programmer and started work in Southampton on 12 May 1986. He was engaged to support computer users and found himself quickly progressing and was party to setting up an impressive helpdesk. He also travelled around the branch offices installing new computers and training the staff. His department underwent many mergers and changes of management until eventually Malcolm was made redundant. He accepted early retirement on 30 September 1998.

Employment in retirement

In his early retirement, Malcolm took a number of jobs, mostly part-time, but none held his interest too long and he finally went into full retirement in June 2003.


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