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Chart List of Surnames


Alfred POOLEYb.1829
Annie Eleanor POOLEYb.c1852
Bertha POOLEYb.c1860
Caroline Susanna POOLEY1860-1947
Clara Adeline POOLEY1862-1938
Clara Elizabeth POOLEY1879-1945
Edward Wallis POOLEYb.c1849
Elizabeth POOLEYc1847-1935
Fanny Edith POOLEY1867-1949
Grace POOLEYb.c1896
Harry Alfred POOLEY1872-1955
Henry POOLEY1818-1891
Henry Thompson POOLEY1844-1915
Henry Whitby POOLEY1791-1863
Jane POOLEY1826-1897
John POOLEY1789-1866
John POOLEYb.c1866
John Peed POOLEY1825-1927
Joseph Willis POOLEYb.c1853
Lucy Wilson POOLEYb.1827
Mabel Caroline POOLEY1881-1961
Malvina POOLEYb.1850
Mary POOLEYb.1793
Mary Ann POOLEY1834-1861
Mary Lilian POOLEYb.c1870
Robert Anthony POOLEYb.1850
Samuel POOLEY1822-1902
Samuel Henry Whitby POOLEYb.c1847
Sarah POOLEYb.1794
Susan POOLEYb.1796
Susannah POOLEY1820-1895
Susannah POOLEYb.c1865
William POOLEYb.c1829
William Alfred POOLEYb.1849
William Frederic POOLEYB.1849


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