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Eleanor  Mary  PARSONS

[Ref. Q.26]

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Parents Daniel Walter PARSONS
Born 26 July 1860 at Liverpool, Lancashire
Siblings Elizabeth Isabella PARSONS born 1862
Charles O'Connor PARSONS born 1863
Mary Josephine PARSONS born 1865
Mary Agnes PARSONS born 1866
Daniel Walter PARSONS born 1868
Agnes Mary PARSONS born 1870
John Alexander PARSONS born 1871
Margaret Cecilia PARSONS born 1873
Constance Mary PARSONS born 1875
Frederick PARSONS born 1876
Theresa Mary PARSONS born 1879
Married James Herbert FINEGAN
23 January 1890 at Liverpool, Lancashire
Children Herbert Marion FINEGAN born 1890
Grace FINEGAN born c1897
Maurice H FINEGAN born c1898
Died 4 January 1924 at Liverpool, Lancashire


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