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Alfred Edward PARKERb.1875
Andrew Marcus PARKER
Ann PARKERb.c1783
Anne PARKERb.c1617
Anne PARKERb.c1738
Anne Dinah PARKER1880-1906
Broughton George PARKER1901-1978
Charles Henry PARKERb.1873
Edward PARKERb.c1622
Edwin Thorley PARKER1870-1929
Eliza PARKERb.1824
Elizabeth PARKERb.c1692
Elizabeth PARKERb.c1719
Elizabeth Emily PARKER1854-1857
Ellen PARKER1866-1867
Emily PARKERb.1828
Esther PARKERb.c1717
Esther PARKERb.c1758-1838
Frances Ann PARKER1846-1846
George PARKERb.c1753
George PARKERb.c1791
Gilbert PARKERb.c1614
Gilbert PARKERb.c1649
Gilbert PARKERb.c1655
Gilbert PARKERb.c1713
Gylbert PARKERb.c1687
Hannah PARKERb.1857
Howard Edward PARKER1905-1966
Isabell PARKERb.c1646
Jessie Eliza PARKER1886-1978
John PARKERb.c1619
John PARKERb.c1606
John PARKERb.c1644
John PARKERb.c1723
John PARKERb.c1747-1793
John PARKERb.c1795
Kelvin Oddie PARKERb.1891
Leslie Theodore PARKER1902-1960
Levi PARKERb.c1750
Lilian PARKER1868-1951
Margret PARKERb.c1676
Margaret PARKERb.c1711
Mary PARKERb.c1625
Mary PARKERb.c1740-c1742
Mary Ann PARKERb.1849
Michael PARKERb.c1608
Michael PARKERb.c1726
Michael John PARKERb.1847
Michael Weston PARKER1937-1983
Michaell PARKERb.c1689
Nicola Maria PARKER
Sarah PARKERb.c1658
Sarah PARKERb.c1683
Sarah PARKERb.c1708
Sarah PARKERb.c1755
Sarah Jane Eliza PARKER1853-1853
Thomas PARKERb.c1745
Thomas PARKERb.c1789
Thomas PARKER1843-1915
Thomas Hugh PARKER1871-1948
Thomas Wheatley PARKERc1822-1854
Walter PARKERb.c1651
Walter PARKERb.c1678
Walter PARKERb.1714
Walter PARKERb.c1742
Walter PARKERb.c1785
Walter PARKERb.c1787
Walter Faraday PARKER1888-1909
Walter George PARKER1851-1851


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