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Annie Louie OSMENTb.c1878
Charlotte OSMENT1816-1889
Charlotte OSMENT1862-1928
Clifford Ellis OSMENT1889-1971
Cyril OSMENT1904-1905
Cyril W G OSMENTb.1938
David H OSMENTb.1949
Donald OSMENT1911-1996
Donald James Edward OSMENTb.1965
Ellis OSMENT1854-1869
Ellis OSMENTb.c1880
Eva OSMENTb.c1883
Evelyn OSMENT1904-1990
Gladys OSMENT1893-1957
Harriet OSMENTb.1849
Jacob OSMENT1791-1854
James OSMENTb.1757
John OSMENT1821-1899
John Jacob OSMENT1851-1891
John R OSMENTb.c1875
Kenneth C OSMENTb.1928
Leonard OSMENT1898-1896
Leonard OSMENTb.1932
Martha Ann OSMENTb.1848
Mary OSMENT1857-1885
Mary E OSMENTb.1963
Maxine E K OSMENTb.1940
Star OSMENTb.c1885
Thomas George OSMENT1865-1946
Tom OSMENT1894-1982
Vashti OSMENTb.c1890


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