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Alexander  John  LODGE

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Parents Samuel LODGE
Born 12 March 1863 at Horncastle, Lincolnshire
Siblings Reginald B LODGE born 1853
Herbert B LODGE born 1855
Walter Macnamara LODGE born 1855
Francis Wheatley LODGE born 1857
Nora Margaret LODGE born 1858
Clara LODGE born 1859
George Edward LODGE born 1861
Mary Beatrice LODGE born 1862
Edith E LODGE born 1864
Herbert M LODGE born 1865
Amy Jeffrey LODGE born 1865
Arthur Brettingham LODGE born 1866
Eleanor Constance LODGE born 1867
Bertha Jane LODGE born 1870
Married Edith Emily FOLKER on 23 January 1896 at Shelton, Staffs
Children None known
Occupation Insurance Company Secretary
Died Unknown


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