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List of Surnames


Alfred KNIGHTb.c1839
Arthur KNIGHTb.c1851
Charles KNIGHTb.1881
Claude W KNIGHTb.1888
Dorothy Barbara KNIGHTb.1906
Esther Mary KNIGHTb.1879
Edwin Thomas KNIGHTb.c1873
Frank KNIGHTb.c1853
Frederick KNIGHTb.c1848
Frederick G KNIGHTb.c1871
Leonard KNIGHTb.c1876
Louisa KNIGHTb.1840
Matilda E KNIGHTb.1888
Nellie Maria KNIGHTb.c1870
Louisa KNIGHTb.c1840
Robert KNIGHTb.c1843
Robert G KNIGHTb.1889
Thomas KNIGHTb.c1800
Walter KNIGHTb.c1849


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