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Chart Descendancy List of Surnames


Ann HARBERborn c1839
Arthur S W HARBERborn 1911
Cecil West HARBERborn c1888
Charlotte HARBERborn 1803
Daisy P HARBERborn c1895
David HARBERborn c1839
Elizabeth HARBERborn c1824
Ellen HARBERborn c1836
Emma Ninette HARBERborn c1880
Ernest A HARBERborn c1884
Florence HARBERborn c1910
Frederick W HARBERborn 1913
Grace D HARBERborn c1893
Harriet E M HARBERborn c1886
Henry HARBERborn 1797
Henry HARBERborn c1831
Irene HARBERborn c1905
James HARBERc1762-1836
James HARBER1784-1857
James HARBER1808-c1855
Jane HARBERb.1833
John HARBERb.1795-c1863
Louisa HARBERb.1832
Maria HARBER1801-1871
Mary HARBER1806-c1856
Queenie HARBERborn c1903
Raymond C HARBERborn 1928
Richard HARBERborn c1836
Stephen HARBERborn c1833-1886
Stephen HARBERborn c1857
Stephen Parkinson HARBERborn c1879
Thomas HARBERb.1803
Walter A HARBERborn c1883
Wilfred E HARBERborn 1891
William HARBERb.1794
William HARBERb.1809
Alfred HARBOURborn 1841
Elizabeth HARBOURb.c1787
Mary HARBOURb.1783
Sarah HARBOURb.c1788
Thomas HARBOUR1792-1873


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