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List of Surnames Enquiries


Dexter of ThurcastonSee separate Index
Ada Louisa DEXTERb.1892
Albert DEXTERb.c1893
Alfred DEXTER1865-1927
Alfred DEXTERb.1905
Anne DEXTERb.1817
Annie DEXTER1893-1878
Charles DEXTERb.1857
Charles DEXTERb.1882
Charles DEXTER
Charles Edward DEXTER1936-2002
Charles Ernest DEXTERb.c1897
Charles Hamilton DEXTER1908-1982
Charlie DEXTERb.c1895
Doris DEXTER1897-1973
Edward DEXTER1815-1868
Edward Henry DEXTERb.c1843
Eliza DEXTERb.1820
Eliza Ann DEXTERb.1841
Elizabeth DEXTERb.1820
Elsie May DEXTERb.c1898
Elsie V DEXTERb.1926
Florence Louisa DEXTERb.c1879
George Edward DEXTER1876-1950
George Ernest DEXTERb.c1886
Harold A DEXTERb.1929
Harriet DEXTERb.1830
Harriet Selina DEXTERb.c1846
Harry DEXTERb.1882
Harry DEXTERb.1891
Harry DEXTER1902-1991
Harry DEXTERb.1933
James Alfred DEXTERb.1888
James W DEXTERb.1930
Joan N DEXTERb.1916
John William DEXTERb.c1903
Kathleen M DEXTERb.1935
Kelly Ann DEXTERb.1996
Louisa DEXTERb.c1856
Louisa DEXTERb.c1878
Margaret DEXTERb.1931
Mary DEXTERb.c1849
Mary E DEXTERb.1880
Mary Elizabeth DEXTERb.c1868
Ronald DEXTERb.1937
Roy DEXTERb.1928
Samuel DEXTERb.1798
Samuel DEXTERb.1837
Sarah DEXTERb.c1851
Selina DEXTERb.1828
Selina DEXTERb.c1844-c1845
Shelley DEXTER
Susan Elizabeth DEXTER1963
Susan Gertrude DEXTERb.c1890
Thomas DEXTERb.1835
Thomas Harry DEXTER
Verna Gene DEXTER
Wilfred DEXTERb.c1900
William DEXTERb.1824
William DEXTER1832-2015
William DEXTER1865-1921
William Alfred DEXTER1932-2015
William Alfred DEXTERb.1934
William Thomas DEXTERb.1899


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