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Agnes Alice BICKMOREb.1879
Albert J BICKMOREb.c1829
Alfred Henry BICKMOREb.1873
Alfred J BICKMOREb.c1837
Benjamin BICKMORE1809-c1880
Emily Ann BICKMOREb.c1848
Harold BICKMOREb.1896
Harold Emmanuel BICKMOREb.1881
Henry Francis BICKMOREb.c1844
Hubert Neal BICKMOREb.1877
Julia Ada BICKMOREb.1884
Julia E BICKMOREb.c1841
Leon Monteith BICKMORE1880-1934
Louisa Hannah BICKMOREb.1869
Louisa Jane BICKMOREb.c1848
Mabel Rosa BICKMOREb.1875
Robert John BICKMOREb.c1831
Rose Emily BICKMOREb.c1852
Stella Blanche BICKMOREb.1871
Valentine Victor BICKMOREb.1882


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