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List of Surnames


Alfred ASHWORTHb.circa 1835
Alice ASHWORTHb.circa 1838
Alice Meigh ASHWORTHb.circa 1865
Ann ASHWORTHb.circa 1822
Edmund ASHWORTH1829-c.1890
Eliza Georgena ASHWORTH1870-1955
Frederick L ASHWORTHb.circa 1885
George ASHWORTHb.1799
George L ASHWORTHb.circa 1896
George Leach ASHWORTHb.circa 1824
James ASHWORTHb.circa 1751
James ASHWORTHb.circa 1825
Sarah ASHWORTHb.circa 1834
Taylor ASHWORTH1839-1910
William ASHWORTHb.circa 1831
William L J ASHWORTHb.circa 1866


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