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Parents William ARCHBALD
Born 12 April 1839 at Marylebone, Middlesex
Siblings William ARCHBALD born 1841
Jane ARCHBALD born 1843
Agnes Darling ARCHBALD born 1846
George ARCHBALD born 1850
Married Sophia GILFOY
11 May 1859 at St.Pancras, Middlesex
Children Agnes Letitia ARCHBALD born 9 November 1860
William Gilfoy ARCHBALD born 24 February 1862
Ernest John ARCHBALD born 9 October 1863
Edith Sophia ARCHBALD born 3 December 1865
Beatrice ARCHBALD born 17 September 1871
John Frederick ARCHBALD born 23 March 1875
Married Louisa Jane BICKMORE
14 January 1883 at Islington, Middlesex
Children Douglas Renton ARCHBALD born 18 March 1884
Occupation Railway clerk
Medical electrician
Died After 1903


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